Ripple wall cups

Insulated ripple cups are a double-wall design and offer the best possible heat insulation when serving hot drinks; the unique ribs form part of a barrier which keeps your cup cool to the touch and your drink hotter for longer.

Printed Ripple wall cups
Ripple wall cups are maybe the best solution, but we think that any branding on double wall cups is much easier to view on the smooth surface of the double wall cup than the corrugated surface of the ripple wall cups, and ripple wall paper cups are traditionally a little higher in price than the double wall cups.

If you’d like any help in choosing the right cup for your situation, please feel free to contact us.


ripple wall cups

tasses murales d’ondulation


kýpella kymatismoú toíchou

Welligkeit Wand Kaffee Pappbecher / Riffelbecher