Single wall cups

Single wall disposable paper cups are traditionally made from cupboard, lined with a thin inner layer of polyethylene (PE) . The cupboard used in making the cups is derived from wood pulp, usually from sustainable sources. The most commonly used take out coffee containers are single wall paper cups for hot and cold beverages.

Manufactured in different sizes the range goes from 4 oz till 20 oz and even they go to 26 oz, in Europe on the coffee to go market they use the 4 oz for sampling cups,  the 6 oz , 7 oz and 7,5 oz for coffee at work or at festivals, the 8 oz, 12 oz and 16 oz are used for hot drinks like teas and coffee in shops. For cold drinks like milkshakes/smoothies they use more the  8 oz, 12 oz , 16 oz, 20 oz

Suitable for internal and external marketing
The printed cups help companies to profile themselves well. Also for internal branding. This works from the inside-outside principle, whereby you build your brand from the internal organizational structure. A printed cardboard coffee cup helps with this. Coffee is very important for staff in the Netherlands. If this coffee is drunk from a nice cup with the logo of your company, this ultimately translates into greater employee involvement. It works roughly the same for external marketing. For example, at a trade show you can pour your coffee in beautifully printed coffee cups, which will make your coffee cup stand out. When a visitor walks with your coffee cup, this coffee cup will also stand out among other visitors.


Single Wall Cups

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